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Friday, July 15, 2005

What the Fuck?

Not that I'm an angry or jealous person or anything, but when blogmate Savage takes an unannounced month-long leave of absence from blog-writing, he's suddenly bombarded with comments when he posts a few pictures of Belize. And from stangers too! At least people that I don't know. And here, I've been pretty prolific in the last few months and yet the comment-train on this blog has stopped pulling into the station, even from my "friends."

What gives? Do I need to start posting more pictures? Or posting less about angry basketball games? I ask you, my faithful readers, what do I need to do?


MostlyModest said...

I'll cop to only skimming the basketball posts, and it's hard to compete with Belize and baby pictures for crowd-pleasing entertainment, not to mention Rain Delay's raw anger. But I keep coming back for more.

Congrats on the Woods Hole festival. That's a cool town, if memory serves, and it draws some of the $$ Vineyard crowd which can include Hollywood movers. Only a few shakers, though.

Bob Jingle said...

It was more the incredulity that random people seem to find their way to his posts more than to mine. Where do these people come from?

Wood's Hole should be good times. Know the name of a good massage parlor there? Our movie doesn't have a happy ending and I don't want to go home without one.

Ian Savage said...

The people are fellow Blogspotters, the specifics of how they found their way to my blog are unkown to me. Maybe I'm just a better blogger than you........ZANG!