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Sunday, October 31, 2004


Since the Eugene O'Neill Center is NOT going to read this, I might as well post it here. You might want to know who I am and what better way to do that than write a biography(sorry, Eugene wants me to call it "biographical statement":

Biographical Statement: Greg grew up in East Lyme, CT, just a scant few miles from the Eugene O’Neill Center. He attended the University of Connecticut and received two degrees there, a B.A. in English and one in Theater Studies. Playwriting was his focus, and he took as many classes as possible with the playwriting professor, Dana Sue McDermott. In 1999, his third year at UConn, Greg wrote and directed his first one-act play called Deanna, which detailed through impromptu story-telling the chance discovery of several men that they all had relationships with the same eponymous woman. In his final semester in school, Greg’s first full-length play, Online, was produced at the University, again under Greg’s direction. Online told the story of a college senior who, frustrated with unrequited love, finds his dream woman in an internet chat room and must deal with the social consequences of having a meaningful relationship with someone he has never met in person. After graduating in 2000, Greg moved immediately to New York City and began working in Off-Broadway theater as a carpenter and a stage manager. He was happy to join Actors Equity and be involved in the production of many great shows including Nocturne by Adam Rapp at New York Theatre Workshop (2001), the workshopping of Martha Clarke’s Belle Époque at Lincoln Center (2004), and The Harlequin Studies by Bill Irwin performed at the Signature Theater (2003). Throughout this time, Greg wrote many short stories, a short film called This Place, and collaborated on a screenplay based on the stories of Nicolai Gogol. Cofounder, a theater and film production company consisting of many UConn graduates, was formed in 2002 and through the company, Greg produced Seduced by Sam Shepard, Chemical Imbalance, a short play festival held in 2002 and 2003, and several fundraising events. Playwriting was still Greg’s passion, though, and he left stage managing to concentrate on writing in late 2003. A reading of his new existential comedy, Creation Play, was held in January, 2004, at the Kraine Theater on East 4th Street. The reading, directed by Oliver Butler, was received very well but Greg knew that the play was not yet complete. He decided to set it aside for a while and concentrate on other projects. This past summer, Greg produced Cofounder’s largest project to date, a digital short film called The Barista, filmed largely in Brooklyn. Greg received a residency at The Edward Albee Foundation’s Barn in Montauk, NY, and he spent the month of September working on a full length comedy screenplay, called Work, and an untitled play that takes place in New York City after most of the human race is decimated by war and plague. Greg will celebrate his one-year marriage anniversary in November to actress and singer, Erin Logemann, who can be seen on television and on stage in New York.

Eugene O'Neill is an asshole.

I was getting together the application to the Eugene O'Neill center for the 2005 Playwright's Conference. The Rules state that the app. needs to be postmarked by October 31st. Okay, easy enough. It's a little creepy that it's on Halloween but whatever. I finished the app. on Friday, made copies etc. I couldn't send it on Saturday because I had other obligations that took up ALL of my day. (I had to help my friends Ian and Dan move into a new apartment in Murderville, Brooklyn. So far, they have not been mugged or killed.) So, I get home last night and tell Mephistopholes how the only I have to do the next day is send out the application.

"But it's Sunday. You can't postmark anything on Sunday."

FUCK! Why the fuck would they put a deadline on a goddamned Sunday when apparently everyone but me knows you can't postmark anything on Sundays? Fucking elitist fucks! I am a freaking idiot. Does anybody know how to get something postmarked on Sunday? I am so goddamn screwed. And frustrated and mad.

I have to go kill something.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

A post to end all posts

Or begin them actually.

I am Greg. I live in NYC. I am a man.

I've declared that I'm a writer on my tax returns for the past two years although I've never received any money from said writing. I thought that forcing myself to self-publish on the interweb would be a way to keep my words coming out onto the page. So far, the last two minutes has definitely kept me writing.

A bit about me: I am a temp at a Bear Stearns and spend most of my day on the internet. I have been married for just under a year to a fairly nice and mostly beautiful girl named ... Mephistopholes. (That's not really her name but that's the nature of these web-logs isn't it? You have to keep SOME anonymity.) I like Tanqueray and Tonic. I play video games, both on this machine and the XBOX my friend bought me for my birthday (you'll meet him later). Lately, I've been watching the fourth season of the Sopranos on a DVD I got from my friend. (I don't really like the episodes but I can't stop watching them. There is about 1 episode every 7 that makes up for their consistent boringness.) I read a lot of fantasy books. I've been into Robin Hobb lately and am waiting for her latest to come out on paperback so I can devour it.

Oh, I've also produced a short film called The Barista. We are in post-production for it now and we hope to get it out to all the festivals we can.


That's it for now.

Peace, I'm out.

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