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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Been meaning to post this for a while

This game is really addictive. It makes a mosaic of pictures gleaned from Google's image search and you have to guess what the search term was. Sounds complicated but it's really intuitive and fun.

Score is all based on time and there's a listing for the top scores of the day. See you on the list.

Little warning: I just played a game of this in my cubicle and one of the pictures in the mosaic included a woman's naked breasts! How scandalous! The search term was beer.


Bern said...

How do I get to this game?

Bob Jingle said...

Click on the picture. Then click on the launcher.

I'm not going to say another word. Hehe.

Ian Savage said...

how bout a fresh post lamo?

Bob Jingle said...

K there, Gone-For-A-Month-Savage?