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Friday, June 17, 2005


Once again, its seems I am not alone.

This article interviews a couple of people who live in Williamsburg. While they are morons, all of them, I can't help but feel that their general feelings of malaise and unhappiness are similar to my own. Incidentally, I found this link by googling for "Dungeons and dragons players in new york city."

And my friend, Wil Wheaton, talks about being spread too thin in his various projects. He even references one of my favorite REM songs. If I'm not mistaken, I chose Driver 8 as one of my many nicknames for my senior blurb in the yearbook. See, I'm just like Wesley.

Last night I made a list of all the projects that I am variously involved in, whether personally or collaboratively. For lack of anything else to write about, I'm going to paste the list here.

Projects currently in development:

Idea Stage:

Getting home from School (teem comedy movie)
Fantasy Triliogy of books
Brooklyn Movie (about how I feel right now)
Jesus Christ Superstar movie set in NYC

Partial 1st drafts:

Road Trip movie (Brad and Mark in VW bus)
Erin Short film
Complete Works (apocalypse play)

Completed 1st draft:

Creation Play
This Place
Gogol (with ian)

Completed but still being work on:

The Barista (producing)
Work (movie script)


Standup comedy

That's 13 fucking things, people. And none of them are in the completely polished stage. Not one of them is something that I would feel 100% happy handing to someone who would ultimately decide if I am good or not based on that one project. That's too much stuff. I need to start concentrating on one thing and finishing it. That's kind of hard though when I can't talk to anybody about my writing. I had conversation with both Mephistopholes and Ian about that. Hopefully, they will now be more of a sounding board for me. Even if they tell me I suck, it would get me talking about the movie/play/book and get me excited to write more. And if you two bastards want to help (the only two people who read this) that would be awesome too.

And then we could give each other blowjobs.


Some call me...Tim said...

You mean it's possible to have fewer than 67 things on your plate at once without ever completing any of them? Hmmm.

By the way, I'll read your blog, but a BJ is out of the question ;)

Bob Jingle said...

With work, wife, apartment, videogames, and quarter-life crisis, I feel 67 might even be a little low.

Haha. I love your blog, TimBob, I'm going to link it in a second.