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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Ill Wind

In other news, we lost our second basketball game last night.

(IAN SPOILER: This post is about sports. Stop reading now.)

It was rough. The team we played had ten players, most of them asian but they had 2 big men. Ill Wind probably had the best game (up by 4 most of the game) we ever played but by the end of the second half, we were so tired that our defense lacked substantially. They kept feeding it in to the tall guys and we kept getting fouls called on us. The other team must have made 15 straight points from foul shots in the last five minutes. Which would have been fine if we were getting calls on the other end, but of course, we weren't. I was routinely getting pushed and slapped and hacked as I took shots but never got a call. Everybody was pissed, sure we could have played better at the end but it sucks when the refs change the game so dramatically.

Whatever, it made for a good bitching session over beers afterwards.


Ian Savage said...

BOB JINGLE spoiler: I have tried to honor your anonymity on my own blog, but guess WHAT...Bob Jingle's real name is Greg Tito!

Bob Jingle said...

Dude, you're an idiot. You're not anonymous. You're known everywhere as Ian Savage, on your blog, commenting on my blog, even in WOW your dang name is Savage. So why is it weird that I call you Ian?

How about i just call you, "Dick"? Does that work?

Ian Savage said...

Your totally right. I'm an idiot. >shrug<

Bob Jingle said...

You spelled "your" wrong.