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Friday, April 01, 2005

I like titles

Oh, blog! How I love this blog of mine.

So yeah, life goes on. I work, I go home and play WOW, I eat, I sleep, I work. It's all very cyclical.

I am old. This thought has popped into my mind wuite a few times in the last few weeks. I have grey hairs on my temples. I am married. My muscles hurt after playing basketball for 4 days afterwards as opposed to just one when I was a kid. My joints creak and crack.

But more than just the physical changes, I feel myself changing emotionally. My friends, who all used to be closer than family, are changing. Idiosyncracies which used to be laughable or shrugged off have now become more pronounced and more irritating. I don't want to go into detial there but suffice to say that friends I once had are not as close as they were. And my quirk is that I have become more and more sensitive to those idiosyncracies. I am not as confident as I was, possibly because I am 26 and haven't accomplished anything which I set out to.

The stupid thing is that I actually have accomplished things, even in the last year. I've written a full-length screenplay. I produced a short film. I have performed Stand-up comedy in major venues in NY. I write this awesome blog. What else would I like? Fame, Fortune? Perhaps I should stop damning myself for what I haven't done and try to concentrate on what I have.

Perhaps I should start taking anti-depressants. Everybody's doing it.


Anonymous said...

Don't do the drugs!

Ian Savage said...

You said yourself, "everybodies doing it." But I think you should chop the anti-depressants up and snort them. I hear Zoloft is a trip too.

This is all conjecture though.

Bob Jingle said...

Once again, you two floor me. The only comments on this blog are about the throwaway joke about drugs? What about the rest, the real stuff about feelings and shit?