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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

A post to end all posts

Or begin them actually.

I am Greg. I live in NYC. I am a man.

I've declared that I'm a writer on my tax returns for the past two years although I've never received any money from said writing. I thought that forcing myself to self-publish on the interweb would be a way to keep my words coming out onto the page. So far, the last two minutes has definitely kept me writing.

A bit about me: I am a temp at a Bear Stearns and spend most of my day on the internet. I have been married for just under a year to a fairly nice and mostly beautiful girl named ... Mephistopholes. (That's not really her name but that's the nature of these web-logs isn't it? You have to keep SOME anonymity.) I like Tanqueray and Tonic. I play video games, both on this machine and the XBOX my friend bought me for my birthday (you'll meet him later). Lately, I've been watching the fourth season of the Sopranos on a DVD I got from my friend. (I don't really like the episodes but I can't stop watching them. There is about 1 episode every 7 that makes up for their consistent boringness.) I read a lot of fantasy books. I've been into Robin Hobb lately and am waiting for her latest to come out on paperback so I can devour it.

Oh, I've also produced a short film called The Barista. We are in post-production for it now and we hope to get it out to all the festivals we can.


That's it for now.

Peace, I'm out.