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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Eugene O'Neill is an asshole.

I was getting together the application to the Eugene O'Neill center for the 2005 Playwright's Conference. The Rules state that the app. needs to be postmarked by October 31st. Okay, easy enough. It's a little creepy that it's on Halloween but whatever. I finished the app. on Friday, made copies etc. I couldn't send it on Saturday because I had other obligations that took up ALL of my day. (I had to help my friends Ian and Dan move into a new apartment in Murderville, Brooklyn. So far, they have not been mugged or killed.) So, I get home last night and tell Mephistopholes how the only I have to do the next day is send out the application.

"But it's Sunday. You can't postmark anything on Sunday."

FUCK! Why the fuck would they put a deadline on a goddamned Sunday when apparently everyone but me knows you can't postmark anything on Sundays? Fucking elitist fucks! I am a freaking idiot. Does anybody know how to get something postmarked on Sunday? I am so goddamn screwed. And frustrated and mad.

I have to go kill something.

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