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Thursday, June 28, 2007

British Atheist

The greatest triple-jumper known to man has also become Britain's most famous atheist. I'm seeing a lot of parallels here. Triple-jumper. Jesus rose from the dead in three days. This guy won 7 silver medals in his career. Jesus's life was bought for 30 pieces of silver*. Jonathan Edwards had his reverse epiphany when he was exposed to BBC secular types. Jesus exposed himself to Mary Magdalene. The similarites are almost eerie.

On another note: Edwards carried sardines in his pouch when he won the gold medal. That's just gross.

* See Jesus Christ Superstar.

1 comment:

kristin1724 said...

The two things I am left with after reading this post...

1. The image of sweaty sardines
2. The JCS soundtrack now running over and over in my head.

P.S. A new blog is up. Just for you. I know you'll love it. Just the kind of thing you love to read about.