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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Jack Thompson is an asshole

Why is he on FOX News as a "School Shooting Expert"? He is not an expert. He is an attorney who represents victims of teen violence in civil suits against companies like Take Two by using the Videogame Made Them Do It Defense. And loses. He is now linking the shooting in Virginia to videogames somehow, even though there is a mess of evidence that this dude was way fucked up anyway. It's preposterous, and yet he still gets the press. Who's dick is he sucking to get on Fox News? That's the 35 thousand dollar question. Smart money's on Oprah, but that could just be a dream I had.

Check out some of the crazy. You won't be disappointed.

I recently saw a bit on Fox News (it plays non-stop in the cafeteria at work) where the host was talking about a Washington Post article mentioning that the shooter played Counterstrike, a popular FPS, in high school. Kotaku also has a bit about how that point was edited out, probably for two reasons, one being the fact that it was deemed irrelevant and the other being the fact that VIDEOGAMES DO NOT MAKE PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE!

Ok, I'm off to go home and play on my Columbine Simulator, er, I mean, my Xbox.


Stephaine - yes, that's spelled right said...

Amen! Jack Thompson is an asshole. The guy is notorious for playing the blame-game in our courts. Each time he loses a case, I'm surprise they don't disbarred him. Thanks for the links. I posted them on my blog as well.

spaceguy said...

Have there been any studies that provide solid evidence that violent video games cause violent behavior or only that people who play violent video games may also be violent? There is a huge difference! I find it hard to believe that anyone screwed up enough to act out violently enough to kill someone after playing violent video games did it as a result of (or even influence of) playing the games. They were messed up BEFORE they started playing the games and playing these games is just a way to vent aggression. Also, these people that obsess about video games have an obsessive and/or addictive personality that is manifested through the obsessive game play. Again, the obsessive game play is the symptom of a behavior disorder, not the other way around. So why don't we quit blaming the video games and the music or whoever/whatever crybaby blame-game bullshit and start holding people accountable for their own actions! Give me a freakin' break!

Andrew said...

Because of video games, I punch bricks, jump on owls, and rescue princesses from remote castles.

kristin1724 said...

First: I am sorry that you have to work at a company that supports Fox news and tortures people with it when then are trying to eat. Can't be good for the digestion.

On another note, you made me think of a line from a God of War review (don't ask me why I was reading a God of War review...probably the husband's fault). Here is my favorite quote:
"Do kids really imitate the violence they see in video games? If you believe they do, then answer this: Why haven't we seen a huge surge in sword-related crimes over the last few decades?" (