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Monday, November 14, 2005

I hate to do this

I find the "Sorry I haven't posted in so long, I'm so busy," posts to be freaking annoying but it's been really true in my case. Here's an incomplete list of the crap I've had on my plate lately:
  • I have to write another videogame article that’s due tomorrow which I haven't started yet. (it's all in my head, I just ahve to get it down on paper)
  • I have to edit and send off a full-length screenplay by Friday for the second round of a screenplay competition
  • I have to keep up with producing the short film for Movie Making Madness 2005 which needs to be postmarked on Saturday.
  • I have to write a play by December 7th for a playwright's discussion
  • I have a basketball game tonight and if we win, we'll make the playoffs
  • My 2nd wedding anniversary tomorrow and I haven't bought anything for my wife yet.
  • I have a comedy show that noone is coming to on Wednesday (9:00pm New York Comedy Club , 241 East 24th St, bet 2nd and 3rd) and I haven't written any new material in weeks. Plus I have another show on Saturday (9pm, New York Improv , 318 West 53rd Street, bet. 8th and 9th) which no one is coming to either.

I’m freaking swamped. But I kinda like it. Thank God my Dungeons and Dragons game has been cancelled this week or I'd go crazy. (Yes, I realize the irony in that statement)


Lee "The Claw" Bentley said...

I just read the videogame article I believe you are referring to (The Escapist - "Dood, it's part of the game"). I liked the article quite a bit, and you addressed some issues in it which I have to confess I would never have had sufficient patience and/or maturity to confront. I don't play online MMORPGs because I would go insane with rage if I wound up in a situation like the one you describe. You demonstrated an inspiring level of thoughtfulness.

Bob Jingle said...

Thanks for the shoutout, Lee.

I hope I didn't portray MMOs as all bad. The genre has a lot of pros that definitely outweigh the cons, IMO. WOW is a very rich game with many things to do and many chances for positive personal connections and sense of real teamwork amongst party members.

But as with any social construct, there are the few malcontents who derive a weird pleasure from causing pain. That's what my article was looking at, but thankfully this subset of subscribers is extremely small.

The overall experience of WOW is very fun.

Zac said...

QQ Cry more nub

Bob Jingle said...

Hilarious Zac. Just freaking hilarious.

It's amazing. I've gotten an equal number of emails and comments here from people who liked the article and it's POV and those who thought it was whining, carebear tripe. I think it's cool that both personality types can play WOW and bitch about the other type. Props to Blizz for making both of us happy.