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Friday, October 21, 2005

National Fuck Challenge

This weekend, I am participating in the NFC which basically goes down like this:

  • 7pm on Friday, receive a genre, a line, a prop and a character via email
  • Write a fantastic short film
  • Saturday, begin filming said short film
  • Sunday, edit footage of fantastic short film, begin to panic because you only took one take of a very compelling scene in which the protagonist tells the antagonist to fuck off and the antagonist's toupee is awry
  • Monday, slap shit together, burn a dvd, put a stamp on it and send it off to be judged by those who judge such things
All in all, it's a great way to spend a weekend. Despite the above tone, I am actually pretty excited to embark on this challenge. I've been trying to convince Savage to do one of these things (there are several such contests including the 48 hour Fim Project, NYC Movie Madness, and the 24 Hour plays) for many years. There is something great about being forced to make a movie in a such a constrained time limit. And seeing as I haven't made anything since August 2004, this is long overdue.

I'm trying to speculate what genre we are going to get. The examples are things like Sci-Fi, Comedy, Romance, Police, Superhero, Fantasy (which should be lumped in with Sci-fi in my opinion but who's counting?) and Action. We have tried to brainstorm what we would do if we had each of these genres, but what if they throw us a ringer?

Could we make a Porn in a weekend? If so, we will die trying.

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Joe said...

How'd it turn out, man?