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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

More Contests

I am applying to the Hollywood Screenplay awards today for my screenplay called "Work." I wrote the script over the summer but it came from an idea I had over 8 years ago. The first 2o pages I think were written back then and I've just now pushed forward and finished it. This is the first time that I've entered contest so heavily. This will be the 4th Contest I've entered it it in. I'm trying to get it out there.

Anyway, Here's some of the crap in the application. You might interested or you might steal my idea. It's protected by the WGA so BACK OFF.

Title: Work
Synopsis: In 1994, a high school graduate, Brad, begins working at two summer jobs, an affluent beach club and a summer stock theater, in order to pay for college. At the same time, Brad begins seeing two different girls, a sexy blonde named Heather and an earthy tom-boy, Amanda. As the two jobs and the two girls begin to conflict for his time and his sanity, Brad must take his stoner friend’s advice and choose one girl and one job before he goes to college and/or loses his mind.

And here's a little blurb about me I put in the comments section:

I was trained as a playwright and have written 3 full length plays and several short pieces which have been produced in New York and Connecticut. Through my theater and film production company, Cofounder, I recently produced a short film called, “The Barista” shot in Brooklyn detailing the life of a coffee shop worker. We are currently in post-production. In September, I was in residence at the Edward Albee Foundation’s Barn in Montauk where I finished writing and fine-tuning “Work.”

Shameless, I know, but if I don't plug myself, no one else will.

Off to the Post Office of Fame!!!!

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