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Friday, September 30, 2005

In other news...


or as they say in France,


So I guess I fucking love the fall. Last night it was downright cold in Brooklyn, despite what Rain Delay spouts out. And I couldn't be loving it more. I didn't realize how tired I was of sweating through 3 shirts on my way to work or getting assaulted by heat every time I ventured out of an air conditioned space. Don't get me wrong, I love the beach and summers and all kinds of great summery things. But nothing makes me hard quite like a stiff wind and being forced to wear jackets.

Speaking of which, I brought out my wool blazer for Casual Friday. It was like greating an old friend. I wish I had a picture here to illustrate what I love about that blazer. Alas, you'll have to make do with a photo-montage which I will now call "AUTUMNAL GRACE or What I Gleaned From a 15-minute Google Image Search While Being Bored at Work."

The road less taken . . . by assholes!


Do you like my Mighty Oak?

These kids are having a great fricking time in an orchard which is exactly what I'm doing this weekend. I'm going up to good ol' hometown New England to partake of the autumness.

  • I expect it to be perfectly clear-blue skies, shining sun, and just a touch of chill in the air.
  • I'm going to Scott's Yankee Farmer.
  • There will be McIntoshes, Golden Deliciouses, Empires, Cortlands and McCouns all picked by my hands.
  • I will go on a Haunted Hayride!

You are all my witnesses.

I fucking love the fall.


MostlyModest said...

I don't know who will have more fun this weekend: you or the "Bite it Baby" girl with her mock apple biting.

Why does she mock us?

Bob Jingle said...

Why won't she just bite it?