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Monday, August 08, 2005

The Economist is on my side

Just to hammer the point home from a post I made a few weeks ago, I wanted to link this piece from the Economist that a coworker sent me on the viability of video games as a new art form.

My favorite point that the author makes: All we have to do is wait for the video game critics to die, then we gamers will finally be respected.

Edit: My boy from Next Generation has posted this little tidbit. It appears that the legal system is also on my side.

Edit again: That tidbit link should work now.


Ian Savage said...

I am not "authorized" to view your "tidbit" link. What gives.

Also, why don't you write about something funny or cool you big nerd! Like maybe our insanely awesome camping trip this weekend you HAXOR!

Ian Savage said...

and why am I Defunct? in the blog links?

Bob Jingle said...

You're labeled as defunct because you didn't post for over a month without telling anybody. I'll change and say you're an asshole instead. Happy?

As for writing about camping, I think you covered it pretty well. Why try to mess with perfection?

I'm also doing a little bit different thing with this crazy blog thing, moving away from things that are mostly personal. That's not true, it's still going to be very personal, but I'm not going to write as in a diary of what I did last week every time.