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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Titles, Titles, Titles

So I put some more links on the sidebar. Rain Delay, who I've linked enough already, was added to the blogs. PVP by Scott Kurtz was added because I've talked about him before, but never got around to putting him on the illustrious sidebar.

But the real gem is the Thundercats Outtakes. Remember that old cartoon from the 80s with the furries running around fighting evil? This site has 11 mp3s of the actors screwing up the voiceover for the show. To hear Lion-O swear or Mumm-ra get a little frisky, I have to say that it breaks down every thing that I thought was good or wholesome in the world.


Oliver said...

You find the best websites. Thundercats. Yeah! When are goingto blog about Star Wars? i am waiting for your review.

Bob Jingle said...

I will get around to talking about Star Wars. Once agan, I think George dropped the proverbial ball. Watching this self-destruction of a genius makes me thankful that Kurt Cobain shot himself. I wish George Lucas had a heroin addiction and a penchant for self-loathing.